Have an expert on your side – Charles Hayes

My name is Charles Hayes and I’ve been a full time real estate investor for 12 years. For the first 3 or 4 years I was buying, selling and renting houses and I thought I was doing great. I had little money in my retirement account and I was buying and selling pretty aggressively.

I went to a seminar with a friend and that’s how I met Jack Shea. In that seminar I heard some things that really changed my mind about some of the things that I was doing. Much of it was working but some of it wasn’t. In the sense I wasn’t as profitable as I wanted to be. The first thing I learned was I learned more about Lease Options and powerful tool that they can be for an investor.

Jack has a great program for Lease Option which I use a lot always. And it works very very well. And then I learned more from Jack about using the ROTH-IRA particularly about using Options in the ROTH. It’s not terribly complicated but it is specific and you need an expert on your side who has thoroughly vetted the paperwork, who understands the process, whose there for you when you need some help. And he’s been that to me and to many other students.

I highly recommend that you check out his stuff. It’s well worth what you pay. It’s worth a lot more than what you’ll pay. It’s a great deal compared to what other people charge. So I recommend him highly.


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