Give the gift of ‘Putting Lazy money to work’ this Holiday Season

There are billions of dollars sitting in bank accounts, IRA accounts, brokerage accounts and other places are earning next to nothing. We have millions of dollars of 1031 exchange money coming through our office during the exchange period. The interest paid by banks is one half of .1%. That is one half of 1/10 of a percent. It hardly measures and is often offset by bank fees.

Money Instruments. Investors or the general public trying to live on money investments have found that it is not possible with the current yield on money market accounts, CDs or other bank paper.  Treasury bills and treasury notes are not much better. It does not make sense to commit funds for 10 years and still receive a negligible return. At current and projected inflation rates in the 2% range, investors have a negative return with money instruments.

The Stock Market. This is a major investment source for a large number of investors and the only tool that many people use. Three US economists recently won the Nobel prize. Prof. Hansen, an economist at the University of Chicago found that approximately 97% of mutual fund managers have not shown enough expertise to cover the expenses they charge. In other words throwing a dart at the list of stocks would probably do better. Another Nobel laureate, Robert Shiller, of Yale University published in 2005 that the US housing market was vastly overvalued. He now says that the S&P 500 stock index divided by the average of the past 10 years earnings is now at the highest level ever seen. That should be a caution sign for stock investors, but they rarely listen to advice.

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What to Do. Offer your friends and family an opportunity to invest along with you in proven, low risk tools that yield 6% to 8%. That is infinitely better than they are receiving from banks and offer a livable return. Investors can learn about tax certificates and tax deeds in their state if they are viable. It takes some study but the returns are good and safe. First mortgage investments at 50% or less loan to value on good properties in good areas are available. The investor can join in the investment with the small share and if the property must be foreclosed, the investor can handle that and all parties will be paid. The private citizens do not have the knowledge or the inclination to get involved. Property values are generally creeping up in most markets and the safety is increasing. An investor can take a small second mortgage position and still be on safe ground.

Receivables from tradesmen are available in every market and offer good profit margins with a minimum amount of work. Private loans can be good and safe on cars, mobile homes and other personal property secured by recorded liens. Most investors have the skill to execute these and other techniques. Your family and friends will be thankful as you all prosper. Having direct access to your IRA funds is important for speed and flexibility in making deals. See for details.

Season’s Greetings!

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To your success,

Jack Shea

Author, Mentor

Getting your IRA Working For You

Many believe that they can’t accelerate their earnings on their IRA to more than 1.1%.

But there are ways that people will not be able go through your stuff, they will not be able to figure out what you are up to. It’s all legal, it’s all okay, IRS and stuff like that and my attorney and the attorneys I deal with are straight arrow guys. They are not sporty. They are not doing anything would affect their license or anything else. These are all standard business practices that could be used in a combinations of ways to protect your stuff and keep it private, safely in dealing in personal property.

So those things I find with a great benefit to my REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS, improved their performance. The things that most excited about for a lot of friends in that is getting IRA money working harder for you through a variety of LOANS, OPTIONS and things. It opens a different world for you when you contracting to sell a piece of personal property instead of real estate and the rules kind of change.

Question, if you finance the beneficial interest , financially it’s the same.

The tax treatment is the same, as if it’s a car note or mobile home note, let’s think about that, a mobile home is almost like a house, except its finance on a UCC basis and you file a UCC1 in the court house in a UCC3 is the release. So this forms, they are all common in fact that uniform commercial code is more common to all 50 states than the Deed of Trust Laws versus The Mortgage Laws in all 50 states there’s a lot of mortgages, deeds and Trusts. UCC is almost straight away the same coast to coast. But the big firms and companies deals in all 50 states, they don’t wanna be dealing with 50 different sets of Laws. It’s the same on the tax, if you do it on installment sale you pay tax, as it is in installment sales.

To your success,

Jack Shea
Author, Mentor



Get Creative With Your IRA Investing

Here are some of the ways to get creative with your IRA investing…

Buy Realtor’s Commissions. Every time the Realtors get commission, they sell it today, instead of waiting for 45 days 40, 30  or 60 days for the full pay out.

Does H&R block pay your tax return early? Buy tax returns.

Buying notes or buying parcels of a note. Buy in installment sales. A note business is a good business.

Leases or you can sandwich lease a place, you can lease somebody’s place or an empty house or a condo  and get a spread while you put your down payment from your IRA.

Buy somebody’s car or house for half the price and give you an option to buy it back for half the price.

There’s a couple of more things that people do.

First time home buyer credit.

How about your tradesman, you have your AC guys, roofer guys that you deal with? You deal with some contractors who do your stuff? Do you think they have some receivables? That they are paying on you? Do you think they might get four $4,000 receivables for $3,000? And they have lean right typically on the property? It’s a way to secure you.

Watch the video to learn more…

In order to implement these techniques you will need proven documents and procedures.

Get your copy now of your “Map To Your Goldmine”




Jack Shea
Author, Mentor

I Purchased Your Goldmine Program

This is a goldmine ! Good deals just won’t last that long… using Jack Shea’s program I was able to set-up a Trustee here in my own town who has access to my IRA funds and can sign contracts and deposit checks so I can move  deals very quickly…

- David Lowrey, Stress Free Property Management

David Lowrey Testimonial

Get a copy of your own Map to Your Goldmine and double your IRA!

Interview by Jackie Lange, Cash flow Depot Talks About IRA Options

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Jackie Lange of Cash flow Depot.

I discussed topics like: What are the opportunities you can take advantage to grow your IRA?

How and where to start if you are new on IRA investing? Generally, what can I do to grow my IRA? I also answered some questions from the live audience.


You are welcome to listen to the replay by clicking here…

In order to use these techniques, we have a proven system to guide you with your IRA investing…

and you can order it here  “The MAP to your Goldmine”

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Investing IRA money? Double your account this year.

In order to increase the return on your IRA account you must have immediate access to your funds. You form the trust described in the “Map to Your Gold Mine”. Your trustee signs checks for your loans, options, or contract deposits. You do not need the approval of your custodian, although you are required to have an account with the custodian. At your direction, they invest your funds into your trust which is in your corner bank. Now you are able to take advantage of many of the opportunities for loans, options, or purchases that investors come across on a routine basis.

Many investors achieve returns of 50% to 200% per year. Buying realtor’s commissions is one of the many techniques you can use to double your IRA account. I offered a friend, who was a realtor $2800 for her commission of $3500 that was due in 4 to 6 weeks. That is 25% profit and if you could do that six times a year that would be 150%. She thought that was fair offer. As a broker, I have been solicited by two national companies that buy real estate commissions. They find there is a lucrative market there. They tell me that they have a 90% repeat business from the same realtors.

I think everyone knows some realtors and with the recent market problems many are possible sellers. What if the sale doesn’t close? How do you secure the loan? What type of contract do you use? These are solvable problems that you can perfect. There are notes, contracts, liens, signed checks, and other commercially common documents to resolve this. Holding children in bondage until paid is not recommend, as they might not be redeemed.

Listen to what David Lowry has to say here ”I Purchased Your Goldmine Program”

Get a copy of your own Map to Your Goldmine and double your IRA!


To your success,

Jack Shea
Author, Mentor

Upcoming Events 2013

Upcoming Events:

When: July 27, 2013
Where:  Tampa, Florida – All day workshop
Title:  Options and More.
Topics include: New trust law and tenant law. Seller financing

When: September 10 – 13, 2013
Title: IRA Investor Seminar Cruise
Where: Qwest IRA cruise from New Orleans w/ Walter Woolford

When: October 12, 2013
Title: Land Trust Seminar with Author and Attorney Mark Warda
Where: Tampa, Florida


Past Events in 2013

July 10, 2013 Tampa investor group Clearwater Florida
The Current Real Estate Bubble – Caution

July16, 2013 Wealth Builders Largo, Florida
1031 Tax-free Exchanges

June 22, 2013 OCREIA, Tustin California. All day workshop.
Turbocharge Your Investments and IRAs with Options, Trusts, and 1031 Exchanges

June 13, 2013 OCREIA monthly meeting, Tustin California
Investment Strategies for Profit, Safety and Privacy

April 17, 2013 Jack Miller Group, Tampa Florida
How to Survive and Prosper in the Next Real Estate Bubble


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